LED Card and LED Software Password:
Linsn Password:
Common Password: 168
Upgrade Password: cfxoki

L series wi-fi Password: 12345678
Color light Password:
Common Password:168

Novastar Password:
Common Synchronize Control System’s Password: 666
Upgrade Password:666888

T series:
Searching card IP:
user: admin
password: 123456
WIFI Password: 12345678

PSD series:
user: admin
Test Mode:666888
Xixun Password:
Common Password: 168
IP: 192.168.0.XXX
LED Editor set Password: 888
WIFI password: 12345678

Huidu Password:
Common Setting Password: 168
WIFI password: 88888888 or lc888888

For internet cable, read automatically, no need set up
DBstar Password:
User: dbstar 888888 / password:dbstarled
XLG Password:
Common Password: 168 / IP: 192.168.1.XX X/ Advanced setting Password: 888
WIFI 88888888

Lumen Password:
Common Setting or Upgrade Password: 26888
Play setting: 16888
IP: 192.168.1.XXX

Onbon Password:
Common Password: 168

ZDEC Password:
User: zdec
Password: 168

HD-D10 Details


TF Series Details

TF SW Series Details

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