Download Arduino Libraries:
Here Arduino, Nodemcu ESP8266, and ESP32 libraries and their download available for your projects. All these projects were developed only using the libraries that I am about to share with you. We decided to write a complete article explaining each and every library along with the download link and the projects they are used in. You will find a long list of the Libraries which are already installed. You simply click on the library and it’s added in the Arduino IDE.

1. Download: Latest Version of the Arduino IDE
2. Download LiquidCrystal Library : LiquidCrystal
3. Download Adafruit_Fingerprint Arduino Library: Adafruit_Fingerprint
4. Download AnalogPHMeter Arduino Library: AnalogPHMeter
5. Download DHT11 Arduino Library “Temperature and Humidity Sensor”: DHT
6. Download RTClib RTC Arduino Library: RTClib
7. Download HX711 Arduino Library “HX711 load cell”: HX711
8. Download: VoiceRecognitionV3 Arduino library : VoiceRecognitionV3
9. Download TinyGPSPlus Library: TinyGPSPlus
10. Download MFRC522 library: MFRC522

11. Download max6675 library : max6675
12. Download HMC5883L Arduino library: HMC5883L
13. Download Servo Arduino Library: Servo
14. Download Adafruit_TFTLCD library Arduino : Adafruit_TFTLCD
15. Download: glcd Arduino Library glcd
16. Download: TouchScreen Arduino library TouchScreen
17. Download: UTFT library for Arduino
18. Download: UTFT_Buttons library for Arduino UTFT_Buttons
19. Download: UTFT_CTE library UTFT_CTE
20. Download: UTouch library for Arduino UTouch

21. Download: TFT library for Arduino TFT
22. Download: ubidots-esp8266-master Arduino library ubidots-esp8266-master
23. Download: ubidots-mqtt-esp-master Arduino library ubidots-mqtt-esp-master
24. Download: Blynk library Blynk
25. Download: SimpleTimer library SimpleTimer
26. Download: BlynkESP8266_Lib Blynk ESP8266 Library BlynkESP8266_Lib
27. Download: aREST library for Arduino aREST
28. Download Time library Arduino: Timer
29. Download TimerOne library Arduino: TimerOne
30. Download SimpleTimer Arduino library: SimpleTimer

31. Download Adafruit_BMP085 Arduino library: Adafruit_BMP085
32. Download DallasTemperature Arduino library: DallasTemperature
33. Download: FirebaseArduino library FirebaseArduino
34. Download IRremote Library Arduino: IRremote
35. Download: MaxMatrix Arduino Library MaxMatrix
36. Download SPI Arduino Library: SPI
37. Download PulseSensor_Playground Library: PulseSensor_Playground
38. Download VirtualWire Arduino Library :VirtualWire
39. Download Stepper Arduino Library: Stepper
40. Download OneWire Arduino Library : OneWire

41. 16×2 i2c LCD Download LiquidCrystal_I2C:
42. ESP32 Bluetooth Library BluetoothSerial
43. WiFi Library WiFi
44. Max30100 Library: MAX30100_library
45. LowPower Library for Arduino Downalod LowPower
For more Libraries from Github: Download
For more Libraries from Arduino: Download

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