GTA San Andreas – Game Review

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas the fifth series in the Grand Theft Auto game family. The game was released in 2004 by Rockstar Games studios. The game was initially released for PlayStation and Xbox platforms. After its huge market success, they released PC edition also. Since childhood, I am a big fan of GTA vice city and addiction towards completion of the mission available in the game. But after the release of this game, it took me nearly four months to complete all the missions, by playing two hours a day. GTA San Andreas is a cool and fantastic PC game I have ever played. 


           San Andreas, one of the most successful video games of all time and tells the story of Carl Johnson, a gangbanger who returns to his hometown of Los Santos and his life history and style was controlled by a few gangs in the city. Initially, carl trusted his team members and earned his gang huge sum of money and respect. Carl also played an important role in taking down the rival gang. 


  • Windows 7/8 
  • Intel Pentium and above
  • Minimum 1GB RAM
  • Minimum 4 GB Free Space
  • Minimum 950 Mb Graphics Memory
  • DirectX 9 compatible 
  • Keyboard & Mouse

GTA SA – Review: 

  • The storyline of this game is much stronger than previous GTA Vice City Game.
  • The story starts with a gang fight and then there are many side missions in different cities. After some time, carl came to know that Zyder and Big smoke joined the rival gang, so carl escapes to Los Angle and finds an old friend for help. After this, many mission will be on Los Angles and also few side mission at nearby village and town.  Finally, the game ends with a gang war. 
  • I personally like this game, because we can change the attire as we wish. Also, different brands are available in each city. We can also wear jewelry items also.
  • Also, we can improve physique of Carl using Gym available at the different city. By improving muscles and weight, combat skills of carl will be increased. The saloon present in this game let’s carl to change the hairstyles.
  • Karate class, martial arts class and Gym Fight class is available in this game, I personally like the Karate class because of its more realistic in nature.
  • Carl has to eat regularly to maintain his physique and life.
  • Jail and Hospital have the same features as in GTA vice city.
  • Carl can swim rather than GTA VC. Also, there are few missions using swimming skills. It can be improved by underwater swimming if you find corals there provides you extra points.
  • If you are under 18, don’t go for this game. Because of its more vulnerable content like bar and gang war atmosphere. So I personally ask you to not to go for it.
  • Gun shops available, has more no. of options and also a training center to improve the shooting skills.
  • I want to appreciate the game developer for introducing the flight training and driving options. After getting to Los Angle, Carl asked to go for aero classes to improve his driving skills. After this, he can enter any Airport and drive a plane. We can travel a fighting plane also, but it will increase the heat level. As a player, we won’t worry about it. Because of “Turn down the heat”.
  • We can mod our drive with nitro and suspension system.
  • The missions will be more realistic and difficult than GTA VC. There was nearly 135 mission, I didn’t calculate the side missions. 

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