16mm Film Projector Working Details

This is a fully operational 16mm film projector.

Every feature works from the speaker, to the adjustable leg, the lens, to the threading light.

The manufacture date is probably January 28th, 1974. I got it around 5 years ago and have kept it in storage almost the whole time.

I recently tested it yesterday and got it to play a short reel I got around the same time as this.

I have a video of it working in case if anyone’s interested. By the way, the reels don’t come with film in them.

It uses your standard 3 prong plugin for power supply.
There is a threading lamp as well as a 3rd lamp next to the projection lamp to indicate power.

There is volume and tonal control for the speaker.

I snapped hi-speed pictures of the shutter and lamp to show that they are working fine.

The form factor is like a “suitcase”, with 4 clasps to have a shell on one side with the speakers integrated to clamp on and off.

You can go back and forth. This projector works with both silent (two rows of sprocket holes) and sound film (one row).

The lamp has a high and normal setting. There’s also a threading nob and detachable ventilate faceplate protecting the lamp.

This device was meant for educational applications.

The pop-out section of it is also a speaker, with a really long cable ( well over 40 feet!).

The speaker is LOUD . Considering the FOV of its f/1. 6mm lens and length of speaker cable, as well as a “bright” mode for the lamp… this projector is intended for use in large auditoriums.

I tested its projection a long time ago, and it seems it can handle being used in a full-sized movie theatre if you wanted to go that route.

And its audio is output via a 1/4″ Jack, so you can use other audio systems with it than the speaker.

I’d put the condition as good. This item is over 40 years old, but has held up with only a few scratches.


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