HD W60-75 RGB Led Display Controller Details

HD-W60-75 is a Wi-Fi series display controller card, which updates programs by wifi. In addition it has USB Port, can also using the U disk to upt=date the prgram. Low cost, cost effectie, simple software interface, easy to operate better display information, supports veriety kinds of single colour display.
HD-W60-75. (Version V1.4)
Application Range:
Type of Controller: Full Color Asynchronous Controller.
Language: Support all Language.
Communication Distance: 10 to 30 meters.
Application software: HD 2016.
Mobile app: Search google play store: Ledart.

1. Wi-Fi Antenna.
2. S2, Connect the point switch, switch to next program, the timer starts, count plus.
3. 2 numbers of HUB-75 To connect display.
4. Test button.
5. S3, Connect the point switch, switch the previous program, timer reset, count down.
6. S4, Connect the point switch, program control timing pause, count reset.
7. P7, Connect the brightness sensor.
8. P11, Connect IR Sensor.
9. P5, Connect the temperature/humidity sensor.
10. Power Supply Connector.
11. USBPort, Updated Program by U-Disk.

Support ModuleSingle/Dual/Tri colour conventional scanning methods;
Control RangeFull Colour: 640*64
Memory Capadity8 M Bytes
Communion portU-DISK and WIFI
Support ColourfulFull Co lour module can display red, green,blue,yellow,purple,white.
Program QuantityMax 1000 Programs and can play with time of control by button.
Aria Quantity20 Area with separate zone, and separated special effects and borders
Display ShowingText,Picture, 3D Text,Animation(SWF), Excel, Timing, Temperature, Count, Lunar calendar.
Display modeSequence display, Button switch, remote control
Display EffectsSupport Borders
A Variety of action display
More Than 40 kinds of text effects display
Support simple animations word
Support outline fonts, stroke fonts and other stetting
Support regional text background settings
Support Excel form directly adding
Clock FunctionDigital/Dial Clock
Count down/up Button
Fonts, Size colour and position can be set
Support multiple time zones.
Can ExtentTemperature, humidity, IR Remote, Photosensitive sensors.
Auto switchSupport time switch
DimmingSupport three brightness adjustment mode
 Rated Voltage 4.2 to 5.5V
 Temperature -40 to 105
 Humidity -40 to 80
 Mobile App Download Download Here



Application software: HD 2016 AND DOWNLOAD HERE.
Mobile Application Video Tutorial: here.

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