How to change PowerLED Wi-Fi password?
What is the occasion of a sudden change or update of the password?
Install PowerLED software into your computer.
1. Open your PowerLED software. Make sure it is connected to your Wi-Fi.

2. From your LED display panel, use a plier and gently open the LED board.

3 Once you have open the display panel, you will see a controller board inside.

4. From the controller board, there is a small button switch for you to press. Press and hold on the switch for 10 seconds.

5. Turn off and on the power for the LED display panel, and you will see alien words. This means that the LED display panel has been reset.

6. As you have reset your controller board, the password of the display panel has been changed as well.

7. Forget the Wi-Fi connection from your computer to the display panel.

8. Enter in the default password: 88888888 to connect your computer to the display panel.

9. As the display panel has been reset, you will need to do the settings again on your PowerLED.

10. Go to Panel Setup. Password is 168.

11. First settings, select 4.1 on the Scantype option. Then click Panel Setup.

12. Next, select the size of your panel. Then click Panel Setup.

13. The setup is done. You may proceed to update your message to the LED display panel.

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