HD-D10 RGB Full Colour Led Display Screen Controller

HD-D10 is a Full colour Asynchronous controller system for a LED Control system that supports mobile App control, Web remote control and offline play HD Video, and also D10 is one type of D series Full colour Led Display Controller card and also available with D20, D30.
Supporting Computer control sofware HDPlayer, mobile phone control software LedAart and HD Technology clouds management platform.
INTERFACE: 4 Groups HUB75.
Feature of D series full color controller.

1. Support video output directly
2. Gray level :256.no need PC, no need sending card
3. U-disk expand memory limitless.
4. No need setting IP
5. Software easiest (Software HDplayer)
6. D10(384*64 HUB75),D2(0384*64 HUB08),D30(1024*64)three models.
7. Door lintel full color, taxi roof, bus advertising screen dedicated controller.
8. Use A8 CPU to archive the best video effect.
9. Unique video capture function, video without anamorphose.
10. Store content more than 2 hours.
11. Dedicated controller for door lintel full color and vehicle-mounted screen.
12. Suitable for door lintel full color, taxi roof, bus advertising screen.
13. Do the best effect of strip full color display controller.
14. Focus on video, animation, compared to the traditional text control cards,the effect is even more dazzling.
15. It is unique strip screen control card in the industry to use A8 CPU+FPGA architectures , much stronger than the single MCU program performance
which apply the synchronous receiving card to do memory recording ,our D10 / D20 / D30 has a separate processor, memory longer, and support import program by U disk.
This control card can be connected with the router, the internet cluster management diagram is as below.

The control card can be connected directly with computer shown below.
Update program can be ued in additio to cable D10 connection, but also through the U disk or removable hard disk.


1. USB Port is used to connect programmed USB device and upload the new program
2. RJ45 network port and the computer network port,router,switch.
3. Power terminal that +5V and Gnd.
4. To Connect 3G/4G module or wifi module.
5. HUB-75 to connect led display.
6. External Sensor connection.
7. Power Indication light.
8. Test Button, test the led panel.
9. Display indication normal working state that is flashing.
Check whether the batter on the control card is not in loose.
Use 5V regulated SMPS power supply.

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