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What is 1N4001?

What is 1N4001 means: 1N4001 series diodes are 1 Ampere current handling general purpose rectifier diode. 1N is stands for American standard semiconductor (Generic name) with ONE JUNCTION. 400X Series like 4001,4002 to 4007 is indicates the voltage, current and power rating of the diodes.      1N=

Single Phase to Three Phase Converter

The Single phase to Three phase converter using MOSFET, or IGBT with PWM for driving three-phase induction motor by using switching frequency about 7 kHz.  Varying above frequency this results is smooth increasing and decreasing the spindle speed of motor Tree phase motor.  The sinusoidal waveform of three-phase which converted

DC Shunt Motor Speed Control Circuit

DC Shunt Motor Speed Control (Armature control method). Field Rheostat should be kept in the minimum resistance position at the time of starting and stopping the motor. Armature Rheostat should be kept in the maximum resistance position at the time of starting and stopping the motor. Check the

SCR Class D Type Commutation Circuit

The Class D if the load current is carried by only one of the SCR’s, the other acting as an auxiliary turn-off SCR. The auxiliary SCR would have a resistor in its anode lead of say ten times the load resistance. Class D turn-off. Class D commutation by a C (or

Single Phase Fully Controlled Bridge Power Circuit

Fully controlled bridge rectifier for a resistive load.  A fully-controlled circuit contains only thyristers (semiconductor or silicon controlled rectifiers.  SCR1 and SCR2  must be fired simultaneously during the positive half-wave of the source voltage VRs Rto allow conduction of current. Alternatively, SCR3 and SCR4 must be fired simultaneously during

Single Phase Half Controlled Bridge with Trigger Circuit

The single phase half or semi-controlled rectifier, control is affected only for positive output voltage, and no control is possible when its output voltage, so that a semi-controlled rectifier circuit is made up of both SCR and diodes, tends to become negative since it is clamped at zero volts. SCR1

Lamp Dimmer Using Triac and Diac

Lamp dimmer circuit and operation: The Lamp dimmer circuit is, during each half-cycle, when the voltage across the capacitor (either positive or negative) exceeds the breakover voltage of the diac and “fires” the triac, current then flows through the load. The RC time constant of the series linear potentiometer and

Pulse Transformer Triggering Circuit

The Gate Triggering Circuit means a signal is applied between the gate and the cathode of SCR. These are three types, DC Signals AC Signals Pulse signals. The Pulse Triggering is the most popular method for triggering the SCR. In this type the gate circuit can produce a single