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LED,LCD TV Universal Main Board Panel Settings

This TV board is suitable for worldwide analog TV system PAL/NTST/SECAM ” which is compatible with LCD panel mainstream manufacturers,such as SAMSUNG,CMO,AU, LGP, SHARP, BOE etc. It can reappear real world image color and sound. main IC adopts MSTAR single chip TSUMV59XU-Z1 program. LED,LCD TV MAIN BOARD

HD-D10 RGB Full Colour Led Display Screen Controller

HD-D10 is a Full colour Asynchronous controller system for a LED Control system that supports mobile App control, Web remote control and offline play HD Video, and also D10 is one type of D series Full colour Led Display Controller card and also available with D20, D30.

Wi-Fi with USB Single Colour Led Display Controller

LED DISPLAY MODEL NAME: TF-S6UW. FUNCTION INTRODUCTION: More arbitrary division, dazzle colour border area, WIFI communication. PSS WORD:88888888 USAGE: Indoor & outdoor. PIXEL: Single color: 1280×16 512×32; Double color: 640×16 320×32. USB FUNCTION: USB program update, USB brightness adjustment, USB panel setup. Settings stored as a file

HD W60-75 LED Controller Settings

For the Indoor/Outdoor header screen store, car and mobile van and other places information display. The Huidu technology launched w series control card, short distance: only for short distance communication, it can be accessed to the wireless router, to achieve cluster management. HD W60-75 is a W

HD W60-75 RGB Led Display Controller Details

HD-W60-75 is a Wi-Fi series display controller card, which updates programs by wifi. In addition it has USB Port, can also using the U disk to upt=date the prgram. Low cost, cost effectie, simple software interface, easy to operate better display information, supports veriety kinds of single

How to Repair LED TV Backlight

How to Repair LED Backlight of the LED TV. Here Im changed 3v LED on a Strip of LEDs. In my LED TV Symptom is Dark image that is “No picture and sound normal”. Then i analyse this problem is in the LED Backlight of the Strip