Programmable Mini Led Name Badge or Programmable mini LED Nametag, Name badges comes in 5 color, USB control, 240 mAh rechargeable battery with 12 hrs backup, multiple functions can be saved, 3 brightness levels. We can used for Bars, Clubs, Events, Exhibitions, showrooms.
Special Parameter.
1. Size: 92.3 x 28 x 6.5mm
2. Communication Interface: USB Micro.
3. Battery Level: lithium battery 230mAH, Charging 1.5 Hours, Run 12 Hours.
4. Operating System: Window 32 or 64
5. Charging Voltage: 5V,500 mA (We can use Cell phone charger)
6. Interface Language: Chinese, English,
7. Screen: you can build multiple screes, send different content to different name badges.
8. Programs: 10 Programs about 2000 chines characters 4000 English total (32k Bytes).
Brightness adjustment: 3 levels (Press button long to adjust brightness)
Software: HD Smart ( Connect USB cable displayed in the computer disk)
Button Functions:
Switch is on the left, in the above state for the shutdown, in the following for the power.
The back of the button to adjust brightness and switching programs press long to adjust brightness.
When you release the button to save the brightness value. When your se Button to switch this button is to switch to the next programme.
PC direct charge and using a 5V charging power supply charge.
Open the removable disk, unzip files on disk, double click the icon to install the software.
New Screem
The software can be built multiple screes, you can se the size of each screen separately.
New program:
System settings can set the current program playback mode, temperature correction, the correction range of 7 degrees.
Animation settings can add more of your favourite motion picture, motion picture only support GIF format. If the animation does not show it, please update the animation.
Picture settings can be added to display images support .jpg, .bmp, png formats.

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