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TF-A5UR Led Controller

TF-A5UR (Replace with TF-A6UR) is single and dual colour led message sign controller card for P10 display multicolour led module with (32 x 16 size) module programming controller. TF-A5UR LED DISPLAY CONTROLLER CARD DETAILS Usage Indoor/outdoor Function Led display asynchronous control card. Multi area displays, colourfull borders.

12V/24V to 5V-20 Amps Power Supply

DC Buck Converter Step down 12/24V to 5V 20 Amps CAR or BUS LED display power supply Module. This DC buck converter is the water proof, over voltage and over current range DC TO DC converter. Its output is 5v and 10 to 20 amps range. It

How to use Keil Software

How to use KEIL Software. The KEIL SOFTWARE is used as compiler for both assembler and C Language program. Write your program with either C program of assembly, the KEIL software converts high level language to machine code. Also See my video tutorial at the bottom of

Traffic Signal Controller with Night Mode

The basic concept of this is project is how to stop traffic signals in night time automatically and only flash YELLOW signal only. This is the AT89C51 microcontroller based simple traffic signal controller project of the basic traffic signal understanding concept and working details. Here iam using

ASK Transmitter and Receiver Circuits

Here we discus about ASK Transmitter and receiver circuits. The HT12E IC used for Encoding operations for any applications.The 2 x 12 encoders are capable of encoding information which consists of N address bits and 12N data bits. Each address/data input can be set to one of

Black Line Follow Robot using AT89c52

All Line follow Robot works with autonomous and which follow white line with black background or black line Robot with white background. Here iam used 2 sensors like left sensor and right sensor to detect the line. For more details about IR Sensor and how to make PCB

Mobile Controlled Robot using Atmega8

Mobile Controller Robot using Atmega8 Robot controlled via Mobile/Cellphone with the help of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) module is very essential. Mobile keypad  is used as input control unit of the microcontroller. For controlling the robot, 2 mobile phones are used. One is Connected with robot (it

Wall Follower Robot using ATMega8

Wall Follower Robot using ATMega8 Wall Following Robot using single IR Transmitter and photodiode Receiver module of proximity sensor or obstacle sensor. Use left sensor to detect the wall on the left side of the robot. OPERATION OF THE ROBOT. Step-1. Switch on the programmed Robot. Initially robot right