Improve your android Smartphone’s Battery Life: Working steps!

Everyone having android smartphone  these days. Some them are high end mobiles like Xperia Z5, Note 5, Zenfone 2 etc., which are really smart in terms of performance and also battery life. Mid range and low end mobiles like galaxy trend, zenfone 5, micromax canvas series are having nice battery performance but not up to the mark. I am also facing this issue in my zenfone 5, so I searched the internet for this problem. All of them are giving almost same guide to save the battery. Do you have android mobile with less battery performance? Are you trying to improve its performance? Then you are in the right place to know the about it. I have gathered all the details 

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Why Android mobile battery drains quickly?

Tired of battery draining issue in android? Have you heard anything about what affects your battery? Now lets discuss about it. Majority goes on background operations, careless maintenance of your mobile data or ram. Android is powered by google, so it needs some background google play service to perform smoothly like receiving updates and more. Some of the running are given below, which you cannot able to stop (possible to stop by root permission)

android background

Different screen like AMOLED, TFT, LCD etc,. can absorb battery power differently, so it depends on your mobile technology. We cannot save the battery life with just a click, but we can slightly feel the difference after following the below mentioned step. Only thing the default settings in your mobile causes background operation like auto sync and more. Now lets how to stop it and improve your battery backup.

Battery backup saving tips:

Use black theme & Wallpaper:

This tips looks to be quite funny, but its true. Using black theme wallpaper can save battery percentage up to 10-15% when compared to white or light theme in your android mobile. XDA developers conduct an experiment on it and the test result says that black theme saves more battery. So use black wallpapers which is available to download from the internet.

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Don’t use other Battery Saving Apps:

battery saver

There are many apps available in play store like DU battery saver, Task killer, Battery doctor these apps can save battery backup but not more. You can feel more performance when your mobile works on default settings, because it always work on background and do its job. There also some fake apps shows only the animations like battery saved but it not displayed in the hardware. Not every app like this you can try paid apps which can turn off auto sensors and improves your android mobile performance.

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If your mobile has in-built power saver option enable it, by which you can enjoy more performance in low battery mode. Mobiles with latest Android L or M comes with this option.

Turn off Adaptive brightness or other auto sensors:

auto brightness in android

The above screenshot taken from my Zenfone 5 which has adaptive brightness sensor. By enabling this option drains battery to a little extend. Also Auto rotate, temperature sensors etc., have quite impact in battery backup. So turn off this option when you don’t need it. Some in-built power saver apps can do this job easily.

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Use Greenify App:


This is not actually a power saver app like Battery doctor or DU battery saver etc., This app just hibernate the apps which are running in background. This support for both non-root and rooted android mobiles (have more options). Use this app for having more battery backup and also performance. Why am I suggesting this because it saves my mobile and also many low end devices which is rooted and xposed framework instaled in it. Read more about this application.

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Disable Auto-Sync :

By default your contacts, messages and more are synced to your google account safely with privacy. Some of the users like this option but some user not need this. For them disable this sync to google account in settings. Most of Samsung, Asus mobile have just a button in notification drawer, just click it and disable. Why so, because sync works in background and reduce your mobile ram space.


We have seen most of the best working tips in this article. Follow the above tips, you will feel slightly improved battery backup. 

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I think you will like this article, also leave your doubts or any other tips you need to tell. Stay here for more tips and tricks from!

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