How to find IMEI number of your lost mobile?

How to find IMEI Number Of Your Lost Android Mobile?

Have you lost your mobile? Do you want to track your mobile? Tracking your lost gadgets can be done by using your mobile’s IMEI number. Many of my friends also facing this issue. I am writing this article in the memories of my lost gadget back in a year.


Third party apps like Norton or Kaspersky or Avast Mobile Security can’t able to track your mobile. But those apps will have options like lock your phone or wipe data by sending an SMS with secret code from other mobiles. The only way is to lodge a complaint to police with this IMEI number and they will track it. 

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If you purchase the mobile via online stores like Flipkart or Snapdeal they will send you a mail with an invoice copy which will have all the details in it. If you don’t have any of the invoices or bills, then don’t worry there is a simple tip by which you can find IMEI number. This tip will be helpful for android users only. 

Google, who is the developer of ANDROID OS. Google supports us with many features to protect our mobile. In this article we will see, how to find IMEI number of any android mobile using Google’s Andriod Manager.

  • First, go to Google Dashboard
  • Then scroll down and you will find Active Android Devices, which is synced with your account as shown in this figure.


  • Use this IMEI number and lodge a complaint to police and they take necessary steps.

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  • You can also locate or lock or ring your mobile using ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER feature if your google account hasn’t deleted from your device.
  • Go to this link and click locate the device.


This tip will on works on a device which is active and synced with your account. If burglar deletes your Google account, it won’t work. Share this article with your friends to let them know also. If you have any doubts regarding this let me know it via comments. Stay with us by subscribing to our newsletter or Facebook or Twitter.

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