Download Windows Phone ringtones for Android Mobiles

Download Stock Windows Phone Ringtones, Alert tones, notification tunes for Android
Smartphones is one of the essential gadgets for every people in this world. Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone are one of the most popular OS platform now. Previously we have seen about iOS tunes for android. I love android OS than any other platform. I think you also a great fan of Android OS, if yes then try this windows Phone ringtones etc,. Before going to this lets see about some of the pros and cons of windows mobile over android mobiles. So let’s get on with it.
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Top features Of Windows Phone:-

  • Windows Phone has awesome tiles user interface, which has live tiles gives notification at the second.
  • Windows Phone is easy to use and also user friendly as like android mobiles.
  • Windows Phone has limited number of application but those are awesome and gets updates to fix the bugs.
  • Windows Phones runs very smoothly in 512 MB RAM but not like android which requires at least 1 GB RAM which gives awesome user experience.
  •  It also has awesome battery backup.
  • But OTG support is not available for any windows mobiles. But Microsoft said that Windows 1o has USB OTG Support. So its a good news for windows Phone users.
  • Windows Mobiles has updates to any latest version released at presently. But in android is not like that.

Download Link:-

Stock Windows Phone Ringtones and more (Google Drive)

Download it and unzip it. These are in .mp3 format, so you don’t need to convert it. Items present in this Zip file,

  • Alert Tunes
  • Ringtones
  • Notification Tunes of Windows 8 OS.

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