How to block ads in any android application?
                          Android is a awesome platform which provide us many entertainment in many ways like games, social networks, apps etc,. There are many application available in play store. Some of them are paid version and others are free version. The app developers put many ads in their application for earning money. These ads need extra mobile data, which will affect your data if you not activate unlimited plans. The best way for saving your mobile data done by removing ads from apps like MX player etc,. This requires ROOTED ANDROID MOBILE. The application which performs this operation is “DroidWall”.logo                           DroidWall is a android firewall application for the powerful iptables Linux firewall. It allows you to restrict which applications are permitted to access your data networks. This is the perfect solution if you don’t have an unlimited data plan or just wants to see your battery longer. This is a free version which works only in rooted android devices i.e this application requires superuser access. 

                          Using this application, you can create a firewall. First of all see what are the features available with this application,

  • This application has two modes. One is “White list” in which the application which are ticked allowed to use mobile data. Second one is Black mode, in which the selected application are blocked.
  • Widget is available, to quickly enable or disable the firewall settings.
  • You can also set a Password lock for this application, which is available in settings. To remove the protection, just leave it blank.
  • Both Wi-Fi or mobile data can be blocked for any android application, using this application.
  • Firewall logs also available, in which you can see the blocked applications.

How to create a firewall using DroidWall?
Follow the steps for creating a firewall in your android mobile,

  • Your device must be ROOTED.
  • Then download and install DROIDWALL application, from the below link.
  • Then open it, you will see a lot of apps. First select the mode in this application either black list or white list.
  • Then enable both firewall and logs. During this, it will ask super access permission. 

droidwall (3)

  • Then select the desired application, which you want to block from accessing the mobile data.

droidwall (1)

  • Then click APPLY RULES option in settings. The rules will be automatically restored when you restart your mobile. If you want to check the iptables, then click Show Rules in menu. 

droidwall (2)

  • You can write your own scripts in this application.

DOWNLOAD DroidWall From Play Store 

Download DroidWall (External link)

Also tick the application, which having ads. You can also stop ads in game app, MX Player etc,. By doing this you can save mobile data. Also stop you from getting frustrating by ads. That’s all! What are you waiting for! Right install DroidWall in your mobile and create a firewall. Share this article with your friends via facebook, twitter etc,. Stay here more updates about android app. If you have any doubts about this, then leave it via comments.

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