Greenify Best for Increasing Performance and Battery Backup – Supports non-root android smartphones

Hai, my friends. Greenify is the application for lifting the battery backup and also increase your smartphone’s performance by hibernating the background  running apps. This app is best for saving your battery. The earlier version of this app supports only rooting mode or your phone must have super access or cyanogenmod. This app does not hibernate all of your running application.


We have open this application and then select the desired application which runs on background(i.e when your screen falls asleep). After adding the necessary application to this list, it hibernates the applications. Greenify does not force to close it but just to hibernate it. This means that, when you open the application it will starts as normally. For again stop it, again add it to the list of greenify application.


The new version of Greenify is released in play store. They say that this version can support the non root models. But it is in the earlier stage i.e we have to select the mode for hibernating the applications. When you launch the application it will resumes as you left back. It hibernates the selected app and for this you have enable the accessibility service to automate the manual hibernation procedure. In non-root working mode, when app need to hibernate you have to click the force stop button and confirm the operation.

But you enable the access for greenify in the accessibility menu, then this service help you to automate the above procedure, thus eliminate all clicks neede above.

Things to do after installing for auto hibernation mode:

  • Install this app and open it. Tap “+” at the bottom of the application. After this shows many apps which are running background and select the app which you don’t want to run. For better performance select all the background running app.
  • Then a menu opens like in this screenshot.
  • Then select and click on the hibernate icon present at the bottom of the menu.


  • Then you asked to enable auto hibernation mode. For this click “Enable automation”.


  • Then in the service option you will see greenify as like in this screenshot.


  • Then open it and then again click on button in the top. After this  error will be shown for some mobiles. If your mobile shown like this screenshot then goto TTS output language option and change it to English(UK). Then you will be redirected to app. After then again select hibernate icon and then enable the access for Greenify in the accessibility. That’s all you have. Now this app act like in the rooted android phone.



Download Greenify From Play Store

That’s all now I am sure this app will increase your performance and battery backup as like in my Galaxy Trend smartphone. Leave your comments and thoughts about this app via comments. Stay here for more updates.

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