How to Use Whatsapp in PC using chrome browser?

Use Whatsapp in PC without Using Any Emulator:-
        Beyond from calls, SMS, Facebook today every people in world says the word WhatsApp everyday to everyone and every time. WhatsApp is an alternative application for default SMS, which uses our internet pack to deliver chats or images etc,. Today in most of the smartphones WhatsApp comes in built, also if a cheap feature phone has whatsApp feature then it is mostly welcome by the people who want a phone in cheap rates. WhatsApp covers people from all the ages. It helps them to deliver important notification at a time to all of our friends or family members which reduce the communication gap.

whatsApp for PC  All of you friends, knows that WhatsApp is available for only android smartphone users. But the latest version releases the feature to use our whatsApp account in our default popular browsers like Google chrome. But it has some advantages and more demerits. So lets see about this in detail.

Why WhatsApp is the best Messenger?

  • Used by most of people, So sharing and contacting is fun.
  • You can able to share images and gallery or take a picture at the instant and send it.
  • You can also able share videos to both individual chats or group chats.
  • You can share your current location from Google map.
  • Voice chats, free voice calls and free Video chats will be available soon.

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Before this following the below instructions: Make you have a latest version of WhatsApp app in your mobile.

How to Use WhatsApp in desktop or laptop via Chrome Browser?

  • For using whatsApp in browser, you must have ANDROID MOBILE with MOBILE DATA enabled. So also use Wi-Fi.
  • Then go to this website : . Recommend to use Google Chrome Browser. Download it.
  • In this page, it has an QR Code which changes frequently.

web whatsapp

  • Now open whatsApp in your mobile, then in the settings select “WhatsApp web”.

web whatsapp apk

  • Now scan the QR Code in the PC Screen. Instructions will be shown in your mobile.
  • That’s all. Now you can also use whatsapp as like in android mobile in PC also.

whatsApp for browser

Note : You can also enable desktop notification, which gives you notification in screen when a message receives. If your mobile is not having mobile data or Wi-Fi connection on. Then it will automatically disconnects. 

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Demerits of WhatsWeb Feature:-

  • Not support to iOS, because of some restrictions.
  • Budget users, does not like this because of enabling internet in both devices which increase the cost.
  • Doesn’t have option to stop automatic media download.

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Now enjoy whatsapp in desktop or laptop also. If you have any doubts or issues with the procedures mentioned here, then leave it in the comment box. Share this article with your friends via Facebook or Twitter for helping them also. Stay here for more cool update from us!

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