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Do you want to make tricks with your friends with your android smartphones? Then you are in the right place. Here we are going see about an App which makes a fake call to your phone after a predetermined time. The name of this application is Call Assistant. This app simulates an fake call or message on your android phone and it won’t charge any fee.  I use this app for two months and I tricked almost all of my friends. After they hear about this they also installed it in their android smartphones.

fake calls
           Call Assistant is an app which developed by ABISHKING and available in play store for free and support almost all kind of phones. This app requires many permissions to work very fine.


  • Set time for calls, messages, quick MMS and SMS.
  • Set as like your phone receives phone calls during fake calls.
  • Default call receiver like nexus,android 2.3, Galaxy Note.
  • Set Image for your fake calls.
  • Set caller voice as songs, recorded voice etc.
  • Quick call options is also available with this app.
  • Able to set specific ringtone for the fake call and messages.
  • Create a schedule to make fake calls and messages regularly.
  • Sent message as inbox,sent,failed,draft,outbox,queued etc,.

How to make a call?

First of all give name and number for your fake phone call. Also image can be make if u wish. Then set default ringtone and set time and repeat options is also available. Speaker voice is also available with this phone. Make a missed, incoming, outgoing calls. Also set your call receiver panel if you want to set your panel here just follow the steps given there. Then save it. Now after the time ends call will receive as like in this image.

caller assistant caller ID fake

Download Link From Play Store

Delete all the fake messages in your inbox o anywhere, because there will be no space for saving the real incoming messages. Leave your opinion and thoughts about this app via comments. Stay here for updates about android applications.

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