Silence any music app after a period of time in android

Super Sleep Timer App – Silence any music Applications in android Using Timer

Android Play Store is a house of many android applications. There are many applications which suits the taste of different android users. Some of the users like social apps and others like productivity apps. Also there are many small applications which are designed to do simple jobs like turning off screen and others activities which reduce the work for android users. In this article we are going see a small utility application which have a timer for turning off the music or video playing applications.


Super sleep timer which is a free application from Play Store. It is a smart handy tool used to turn off the any application which plays music or other videos. Let’s see about its features and more about this application.


  • Free app from Play Store.
  • Shows notification about the timer in the notification bar.
  • Only about 1 hour is available in this application.
  • Two types of theme option available in this app.

How to use this?

First of all select the desired application in this app, then select the time as you desired. Then finally click “Set timer” button in the app. In the notification bar, extra 5 min can also added to the timer.


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I think you will like this small handy application. Install this application and don’t worry about your mobile. Share this article with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Stay here for more updates from android!

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