Shush! Android App – Turns off Silence mode in time

Shush! Android Application available for Download From Play Store
Android is a awesome platform which gives you more and more facilities in your smartphone. In this way, my friend lost his android smartphone and not able to find it anywhere. Because he enable the Silence mode in his smartphone. Then after few days he found it in the table which was covered with books. He said me about this incident, I think about it why this problem also happen for me also. So I search in play store for any application which fulfill my needs. Then I found an app which turns back the normal mode from silence mode after particular time. Its name is Shush! and I also share this application with my friend also. They thanked me and the app developers. I am very much glad because I share my experience with this application in this article. 
Features Of Shush! app:

  • This utility app is available for free from play Store.
  • Turns off Silence mode after particular time which set by you.
  • Option for setting how much off ringer volume to be restored while turn on normal mode after a while.
  • Notification also available with this application, which shows everything like how much time remains and more.
  • Easier to switch between shush mode and normal mode.

How to Setup this app for restore the ringer mode?
Download this application from the google play store and install it. Then open this app, it will not show any option for setting the time or others. It will have only the notification on or not and change its theme colour. 
shush app
    Now enable the silence mode now a popup which be similar to the above screen shot. It will ask you to set the time after which the ringer to be restored and the volume to be restored. That’s it and now forget about turning back to normal ringer mode. Now enjoy using this utility application.

I think you will not uninstall the application and enjoy its duties. Now it’s time for giving a feedback about this application in our comment box. Share this awesome application review with your friends also. Stay here for more updates about android!

Keerthi Varman
Keerthi Varman

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