Water your Body Application – Keeps your body watered everyday

Android is awesome OS with many application than windows platform. It has many many utility apps which helps you to do your daily activities smartly and easy than ever. In this modern world you must be knowledge and also healthier to survive. Are you a very busy man? Forget to drink water or other things? then other  android comes with a app called as WATER YOUR BODY, which reminds you to drink water with a sound to the set amount of water. So let’s get on with this application.

Water Your Body App Quick review:-

water your body

  • Gives notification to drink water with a sound like drinking water.
  • Just a click and sync with google fit to know more about your body.
  • User Interface of this app is very gorgeous and also easy to understand.
  • Generates report using your water drinking habit.
  • Also generates your weight report and lets you know you are fit and smart.
  • Edit the cup capacity as you desired.
  • Pro version of this app is also available which gives you app with no ads experience.

How to start with this app?

After installing this application, you have to follow this procedure to configure this application correctly,

  • Choose your desired Units for both Weight and capacity of cup i.e. lbs or Kg and oz or ml.

google fit wtaer app

  • Then correctly type your exact weight in the box, then it will automatically gives your suggested water intake.

water drink remainder app

  • If you have Google fit in your mobile, then enable Google fit to get more details about health report.
  • Now choose your smart reminder time between what and what in the next step.

health app

  • Now choose your cup capacity as you desired. You choose cup or water bottle etc, and you can also customize your capacity of each of them.

water your body apk

  • That’s all, now it will remains you within the time gap as you given.

Now you have configured this application. It will reminds you to drink water. In the notification center, click drink then select your capacity of cup or bottle. Do it regularly and reads your report generated by this application, if you have Google fit, then sync with it to get extra details about your body. 

Download Water Your Body App from Play Store 

or scan this QR Code to install directly in your Android Mobile!

water your body qr

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