Set Silent Mode For Particular Notification Using Silent Sleep App

Android users should be proud because of it gives us more and more facilities than any other devices. Feel disturb during night hours for getting message or any other notification sounds. Then I suggest you to read this article to know how to turn off the notification during night hours and restore it during day hours. This can be done by a clever application called as “Silent Sleep”. The name itself describes that it is going to give some protection for us during night hours. Read this article for know more about this clever app.

silent sleep

Download and install this application in your android smartphone. After installing this application, open it and you will be asked to set the start time and end time. It is easy and set your desired time period during for not disturbing during sleeping hours. You can set this for all days in a week or a single day which depends on you. That’s all you have set your android smartphone for silent mode during sleeping hours and don’t worry about it.

silent apk

Note : Make sure that your alarm not affected by this application. So Open Alarm >> Alarm Settings then Set “Alarm in Silent Mode” . 

In this application main menu, under general settings you will see two options. One is for Enable this application, it is opinion to enable it or not. Another option is for use 24 hrs time format, it will be use for some users who set the time in 24 hrs format. Enable this application and forget about it.

Download Silent Sleep Android App

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Key Features:

  • This application is free and support all kind of android mobiles.
  • Easy to enable it and disable it.
  • Easy to set the time and choose the days as you desired.
  • It doesn’t have a option for how much of volume to be restore.

silent night

I think you will install this application after this reading this article. If yes, leave your thoughts in our comment box. Share this article with your friends for giving a idea about this application. Stay here for more updates about android!

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