Enable Lock Screen notification in whatsApp 
Whatsapp is one of the most installed application by every android users. Because of its user friendly chatting platform and able to share everything like photos, music, recorded files etc,. I am whatsapp for many months. After getting the recent update, it has bring more user friendly chat platform like  it can able to send or receive apk files from your contacts. If you are using whatsapp in your mobile, Do you know that lock screen notification is also available in whatsapp. Read this article to know how? 

How to enable popup notification for android in whatsapp?

For enabling popup notification, when your screen is turned off. Then follow the below mentioned steps, 

  • Open WhatsApp, then go to “SETTINGS”. Then click “NOTIFICATION” option.
  • Then a new window opens. In that, you will see “POPUP NOTIFICATION”.

whatsapp (4)

  • Then a menu appears like in the screenshot. Now click Only when Screen “Off”.

whatsapp (3)

  • This will let’s you to see your WhatsApp messages even your screen is locked. An example is shown in below screenshot.

whatsapp (1)

For disabling this, click Only when Screen “On”. This option will let’s you give the notifications in the notification bar but not during when your screen is locked. You can also cancel the notification for this application, by simply clicking No Popup option in the same window.

LED notification is also available in this application. This works only in devices which has LED’s in their smartphone. In the light notification, you can able to change the colour.  By using these features you always super active and doesn’t miss any messages from WhatsApp.

whatsapp (2)

Do you like this? Then try it in your android smartphone and have fun with WhatsApp. If you have any doubts this article then leave it in the comment box. Stay here for updates about android app! Share this article with your friends via facebook or twitter.

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