How to change the logon sound in windows XP/7/8

How to change the windows log on/off sound in your PC or laptop?

Are you trying to impress your friends with your windows PC? Then you are in the right place. As we have already seen about changing the windows logon background. Now this article is about how to change the windows log on/off sound. I have done this trick in my laptop and gives best results for me and my friends also. Now you can also try this in your pc or laptop. I am not recommending you to download any third party blocking software programs that can damage your system just change the available options in windows.

change sounds


  •  Select your desired music file and it should not be more than 25 sec and it should in the .wav file format. (Make sure the file not above 450 kb). I recommend this online tool for best result for converting to .wav file format.

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  • Then save it to safety folder from which the users are not able  to delete it and for higher safety just hidden the music file.
  • Now goto “Control Panel”>> then “Hardware and Sound” and in the sound category click “Change system Sound“.


  • Then a new window opens shows the defaults sounds for different operations. Then search for Windows Log On and then click on it. Then tap browser button and a dialogue box opens asking to select the wav file format music files. Then click apply button. Now restart your PC and then you will feel the changes.
  • This method can be used for changing all other sounds. 
  • For windows 7 users just right click in desktop >> Personalize >> Sounds and follow the same above steps.
  • That’s all enjoy this trick with your friends. Don’t forget to share this post via facebook with your friends.

 If you face any issues for using this method just leave a comment. I will do my best for giving you the best solutions. Stay here for more updates.

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