This cool software is free lets you change the wallpaper on the Windows 7 Logon screen. By using this trick you can amaze your friends and also entertain with them. This is not a software and don’t need to install. Then what are you waiting for just download is a small zip file that contains an executable you can run from a flash drive, and also an installer in the Setup folder if you choose to install it.

It works with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate. It also works on Windows Server 2008 R2 .

Step 1 : Open the downloaded file and extract the file. Click the application and a dialogue box will be open.

Step 2 : Click the background image as your wish as shown in picture.


Step 3 : Click Apply Button.

Step 4 : Click yes in authorization dialogue box.


Step 5 : Then again Click yes here also.

logo3 Step 6 : Then wait for few second and your background image is applied . Then log off and check it for yourself.

Here you can change the setting of your background image.


 Do you really like this app then click here to download.

DOWNLOAD : Change Welcome Log On Screen activator

What does it do?

  • It does NOT change any system file, and the program itself does not requires admin rights to run : it will just ask you to run as admin a very simple cmd file that creates the required folder and registry key with the appropriate rights. Any user of the computer will then be able to change the Windows 7 logon screen wallpaper.
  • It creates a few JPEG files based on the image you want to put as wallpaper for the Windows 7 login screen, applies the appropriate cropping and sizing and saves them using the best compression quality possible

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