The CD drive is used to insert the DVD or VCD’s to watch movies,videos,Images, software or even games. Today the life of the drive of the drive depends upon it’s writing ability etc., 

                 If this is not able to open, then the people become frustrated and they repeatedly click the open button. But it can’t able to open. Because the malfunction may be in button also. If you found that the button is broken then follow the below mentioned steps.  

              When your disk drive won’t open or your disk drive button is broken or malfunctioning you have to do that You simply download this software to your desktop and click it and you will see a dialogue box like this and you click the OPEN CD tab in the box and your CD TRAY open and your problem solves and you can also close the CD TRAY by clicking the CLOSE CD tab in the box after you open the tray.


Download – Open CD Tray application

                      If this trick is not working for you, then remove your drive then check whether the belt is torn or any other dust or malfunction of motors. If you face any issue regarding this software leave a comment.

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