TN Govt has doing awesome jobs for the students of Tamil Nadu by giving them Laptops. I am having Hasee, which was received by me recently. Hasee laptop is an china product. 

         It is very useful to read the subjects, but leasure time you can also use the laptop to play games and more things to enjoy and entertain to you. My laptop is Hasee and my friend’s laptop is HP both are given to us my Tamil Nadu government. Thanks a lot for them!

          While we are playing games, the game screen is only half screen and surrounding to it by black background. This is not a problem with your laptop. This is because of your HD graphics settings. If you want to play the game in full screen, just follow my steps. 

How To Solve Gaming Resolution Problems In your Laptop ?

Before doing this trick your gaming screen will be like this, 

TN Govt free Laptop problem

Here I am playing Need For Speed Most Wanted.

Step 1: 

             First of all open the graphics settings in your Laptop. It is available in your taskbar. Then Graphics Properties >> Click OK. You can also select by right clicking in your desktop then Click Graphics Properties…. 

Step 2 :

            Then you will be taken to another window having options for changing the graphic properties. You will be see that in Resolution is 1366 x 768 will be default. With this resolution you can’t scale to full screen. So have you have to change the resolution to 1360 X 768.

TN Govt laptop gaming problem

Sep 3:

          This is the final step, now goto scaling option then click SCALE FULL SCREEN option. Then click Apply button and again click OK. That’s all you have set the full screen option for game.


That’s all you are done. Now open the game and you will feel the difference. Here’s a screenshot after doing the above steps, Now you can the full image of my BMW GTR from Razor in MW, compare the above image with this,

need for speed most wanted

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