Swipe In App Enables you to change the settings with Just A Swipe
Android smartphones are really fun because they provide us many entertainment in the smart way and also interesting. They can be made more fun by installing many handy application from play store. We have already seen about an gesture application which let’s you to search with simple gestures. If you missed it then click here. Now this article is about how to use swipe option and you can install this app in any android compatible device. Now let’s see about the detailed feature of this application. 


Feature :-

  • You can able to change any settings to swipe mode.
  • Easy to swipe and can able to change the swipe in different corners.
  • Different types of options are available with this application.
  • Start on boot option is also available.
  • You can able to turn on or off the notification of this app.
  • Able to change the transparency of the swipe hotspot.
  • Easy to customize all the option in the menu of this application.

How to use this application?
Free version of this application allows to create only 3 hotspots(swipe mode). In this application the different hotspots are available

  • Brightness
  • Ringer Volume
  • Music volume or media volume
  • In-call Volume
  • Wifi
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Bluetooth
  • Airplane mode
  • Data network
  • GPS 
  • App Launcher
  • Widget

Widget Hotspot

                    If you buy a pro version of this application you can able to create many hotspots. You can chage the different settings by creating a hotspot. As a default for the first time, after turning on the service, it’ll show a blue or any other color bar will be visible. Don’t afraid, because it just a swipe bar and it has the link for quick settings. Now we will see how to create swipe mode for different settings as mentioned above.

                  Open the application, then in the main menu you will be able to see the hotspot lists. Now click on the + button. After this a new window opens as like in the screenshot, which has the  settings for select the desired option. Then customize the settings as you desired. 

swipe in
That’s all you have created a new hotspot. For editing already created hotspot, just click on that. Then the customize settings will be opened. In application launcher option is the most interesting option in this app. If you want this to show recent apps, check on the “Show recent apps” check box.
swipe in apk
Else keep the box unchanged and select the apps you like. To select your apps, click on the “Select apps” button. Click the desired apps and click “OK” button. The colour and transparency of the dialog box in which app list is shown can be adjusted from the settings tab. Not only this and many others options are also available with this application. I think now you are interested in this application, if yes then proceed down for download link from play store.
Download Link : Download Swipe In App From Play Store

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swipe in

I think this article helps you a lot. Also share this article with your friends via twitter or facebook. Leave any issues or doubts about this application via comments. I will give solutions for you guys. Stay here for more updates about android!

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