Gesture Search app access everything by gesturing

Gesture Search Application access anything by drawing strokes
Android platform has a lot of application in the play store, there are application which is very useful and some others which only provide us only entertainment. Latest android smartphone has gesture feature which gives the users to get a quick access to everything in it. In this article I will share my experience with this application in my Galaxy Trend Smartphone powered by Android Jelly Bean OS. Install this application to get latest feature in your old android smartphone also.
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Features of Gesture Search app:

  • Access contacts, applications, settings, music and others in this simple application.
  • This application is developed by google and available for free from Play Store.
  • Search by drawing characters or numbers in the screen.
  • Search any time by flipping phone i.e with motion option also.
  • Direct options for call or messaging in the search result for contacts also available.

Download Google Gesture App From Play Store

How to use this application in your android mobile?
Download this application from the play store and install it in your smartphone. Now open the application, you will be seen a blank window asking you to type any characters or number which must be similar to your search. Then there are lots of result shown in the screen. Search by gesturing is the most important feature of this application. Gesturing means draw anywhere on the screen like characters or numbers or also strokes as well. Chinese initials also supported by this application. Draw directly on the top of the search result list to refine results or scroll the list to find an item. Activate a search by clicking on it, which has direct access for calling or messaging.
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You can also add space by swiping from left to right on the screen. With this application you can search anytime by just flipping your away and then back to original position i.e activate with motion option.Enable it to “Normal” level as a default mode. Change the sensitivity to “Easy to trigger” if you cannot easily trigger Double Flip and change it to “Hard to trigger”.
google gesture
You can also change the writing speed also. In this settings, specify the time gap that you are comfortable with drawing a multi-stroke gesture. Refresh index at anytime for getting latest files in the search also. Apps, contacts, bookmarks, musics, settings etc,. in the search also. Now enjoy the gesture option in any android smartphone also.

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Keerthi Varman
Keerthi Varman

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