Single-Bit Comparator Simulation in Xilinx

Title of the exercise: Write a VHDL code for single bit digital comparator and simulate the code.
To develop Boolean expression for A>B, A=B, A<B, write a VHDL code and simulate the code in the software.

Material Required:
1. Xilinx Software Loaded PC = 1 Set
2. Printer = 1
3. FPGA kit Interface cable = 1
4. 9V DC Adopter = 1

1. Theory
2. Algorithm
3. Description
4. VHDL Code Writing
5. Compile and Run program.

1. Define Library functions.
2. Declare Entity and Architecture.
3. Describe functionality.
4. End source code.
5. Compile and Run program.

1-bit comparator has two inputs and three outputs.

The 1-bit comparator has two inputs and three outputs.

The 1-bit comparator circuit:

Truth table

1-bit comparator Output

VHDL Code for 1-bit comparator

library IEEE;

entity comparator_1bit is
    Port ( A,B : in std_logic;
           G,S,E: out std_logic);
end comparator_1bit;
architecture comp_arch of comparator_1bit is
   G <= A and (not B);
   S <= (not A) and B;
   E <= A xnor B;
end comp_arch;

Verified by simulation three outputs.

Questions with answers:
1. What is single bit digital comparator?
Ans: A Comparator is a combinational circuit that gives output in terms of A>B, A<B, and A=B.

2. Which type of Gates used in comparator?
XOR, NOT, AND gates used.

3. Write One Bit Comparater truth table?

Video Tutorial:


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