LedshowTW 2015 manual operation with test button

How to operation make LED DISPLAY using in vehicle from One bus stand to another bus stand with their name. For example the bus starts from Chennai to Gobi. The LED DISPLAY will show GOBI and bus reached to GOBI. The conductor will change display name with the help of the test button, that is your 2nd program it will displayed always until press test button again.
reset switch

LedshowTW2015-2 LedshowTW2015-3
LedshowTW2015-8 LedshowTW2015-9 LedshowTW2015-10 LedshowTW2015-12 LedshowTW2015-13 LedshowTW2015-14 LedshowTW2015-15

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