One of My friends ask me  how to set an invisible folder?After I tell the steps he tried it and enjoy it 😀 . Now I will show  you how? Just follow the steps below… This trick is not aim to hack the computer it just use the facilities provided with it,

  •  First create a folder.
  • Then go to start
  • In the search box type the “CHARACTER” and you will see the character map in the box then click it.
  • After click that you will see an dialogue box like in the picture.


  • In that search for an empty box and give SELECT—COPY
  • Now go to the folder you have created.
  • Then left click the folder and select RENAME tab.
  • Then Press—ctrl+v.
  • Left click your folder Select PROPERTIES—-then—-customize tab.


  • In the click the ‘CHANGE ICON’ option.


  • Search for empty icon and then click and apply it.
  • Finally you have created an invisible folder.

I hope you like this trick. Stay with us for any latest tricks.

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