How to Recover Virus Infected Files From Pendrive

         Today most of the people use removable media like Pen Drive, Memory cards to share files, photos, games and many more files for their entertainment. But those files contain harmful viruses, torjan and other spywares and malwares. You can remove those virus and spywares by using anti- virus or anything as you wish.
          My friend has 4GB pen drive and he was not able to find some files in USB. They are infected by virus and they are hidden in the pen drive.They cannot they restored by any anti-virus programs. So my friend decided to format it, but I told him that I have tricks to recover the files.Now I will show you how to recover those files.


Step- 1:

  • Scan the Pen drive for any virus or spywares because they can harm your PC.

Step- 2:

  • Start >> Run >> Then type cmd . Command prompt will be open.

Step- 3:

  • Then see which type of drive it is. For eg: androiderode(I:). Then type i: hit enter.

Step- 4:

  • Now this is most important step. Carefully type,

 attrib -h -s /s /d *.*            Hit enter.

Wait for a minute if it is a large file and you will find the hidden files in USB. This trick also works for SD Cards, Jet & Flash pen drives.

virus (2)

If you are not able see the hidden files, then leave a comment I will give suggestion for you,


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  1. super sirhing to , i am gathering lot of thing in your website, i want more think to you upload in your website
    thank you………sir…


  2. It’s good, but after hidden files shows a folder System Information also visible and this was not hidden back when i try to hide this folder by using right click > choose properties > and check Hidden checkbox, the files are permanently unhide, can you plz help this issue?

  3. Before you carry out the steps given below to retrieve the files from Pendrive, remove all the viruses from it.
    Visit the official website of the EaseUS product and then download the EaseUS Data Recovery software.
    Install the EaseUS Data Recovery software as per the on-screen guidelines.
    After installing the EaseUS Data Recovery software on your Windows computer, launch its main interface.
    Choose the drive location in the Hard Disk Drives or External Devices section.
    In the Select A Location To Start Recovering window, move the cursor to the Scan button and click it to proceed further.
    Select the files that you need to retrieve from the scanned result.
    If needed, preview the scanned image. As soon as you click the Recover button, the selected files will be recovered from the Pendriveand saved on the computer.
    If the problem still continues you can refer this for a detailed guide.

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