HD W60-75 LED Controller Settings

For the Indoor/Outdoor header screen store, car and mobile van and other places information display. The Huidu technology launched w series control card, short distance: only for short distance communication, it can be accessed to the wireless router, to achieve cluster management.
HD W60-75 is a W series led controller card, W means Wi-Fi, which updates programs by wi-fi.
In addition is has USB Port, can also using the U disk update the program.
Application software: The 6th generation display operating software HD2016, and its software settings are given below in the form of the picture type. Follow my instruction as per below given you can easily set it software settings.

1. When click settings and the click screen settings the below given windows opened.
2. Enter password like:168, this is for world wide.
3. Set above as like your LED Controller card.
4. If your led controller card like HD-W60-75 follow my settings.
5. Set card type and colour type and Gray level.

6. Click hardware setting it is very important (because see your panel type and scan mode also).

7. If your LED controller card like HD-W60-75 and LED module P10, you can select as above.
8. If all setting as per your led control card type set as above, and then click ok.

9. Now we are ready to program text or image type. 
10. If any first you can select “Programs” and then add program.

11. Drag the rectangle box to your full display scree mode.
12. Type your text as required.
13. And the mode of display like random of move from left to right of right to left if any your can select here.

14. Select your text runging speed here.
15. Then also add how many program if you want as like as you can create.
16. Preview before load into your display “How its run” Select preview button and it displays.
17. Now your program is ready and insert pen drive into your pd or laptop, select U disk icon.
18. Now your program loaded pc into your pen drive and click yes.
19. Remove your pen drive from pc or laptop and insert into your LED Display, if loading display will Show USB and OK.

For more details watch my video tutorial: Here.

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