Dumpster app for android – Best for recycling files

How to recycle the deleted files in android?

Today most of us use android smartphones. In android smartphone, the recycle option is not available as like in computer. Recycle Bin in computer is a special tool which is pre-installed in your computer. It is a temporary storage, in which the deleted files like images, documents, music and video files are stored. This tool is used to recycle the files which are deleted. But in android smartphones, the recycle bin is not available. But this features ca be added by an applications which can be download from play store. The best app for this purpose, Dumpster is best for acting as a recycle bin. I have installed this app in my Galaxy Trend and gives positive results.

dumpster apk


  • Recycle the deleted items is very easy and fast.
  • Able to restore all kinds of files. i.e Images, Videos, Music files, Documents.
  • Able to restore PDF, Docx and the MS files.
  • Options available for keeping the deleted files forever or for certain interval of times.
  • Options are available for selecting which files are to be recycled.
  • Restore the files to the directory where it is deleted.
  • Root access for your android is not necessary, for rooted android phones best the experience with this applications.

       Download Link from Play Store

  Install this app for installing your android OS must be 2.2 or above. Share the experience with app after installing this app in your smartphone via comments. Stay here for more updates about android.

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