Arduino with TinkerCad Circuit Simulation
The world of 3D modeling, Tinkercad has established itself as a worthy introduction to computer-aided design (CAD). It’s a free and intuitive web-based CAD program that anyone can use. In fact, if you want to get started with Tinkercad, we even have a beginner’s tutorial to get you going.
Recently, Tinkercad has introduced something new: An expansion to include circuits in its design capability called Tinkercad Circuits. This brings a whole new side to Tinkercad, revolving around simulating circuits with Arduino.
Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping platform that also sells microcontrollers.

Tinkercad Circuits allows anyone to virtually create and program Arduino projects without the need for physical hardware. We’ll be showing you how to program a basic Arduino in Tinkercad, but first, let’s take a closer look at the new capabilities Tinkercad Circuits offers.
Tinkercad Circuits opens up the possibility of electrical functionality in your 3D printing projects. To that end, in the user’s dashboard, you can find a whole section devoted to circuit projects. It’s organized similarly to the CAD project gallery, making it easy to navigate. You can also find circuits in the “Gallery” and “Learn” pages of Tinkercad.

Tinkercad has also introduced something extra to combine these two worlds:
Its CAD environment now comes with circuit component models. This means you can design a model with circuits and hardware, and once 3D printed, the circuit can be easily placed within the creation

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