Road accidents became a matter of concern due to the huge increase in traffic.

The primary cause of accidents is due to the drowsiness of drivers in the night time.

Fatigue and drowsiness are some of the leading causes of major accidents on Highways.

The only solution to this problem is detecting the drowsiness and alerting the driver.

So, in this project, we have thought of building a Driver Drowsiness Detection and Alerting System for Drivers using Arduino Nano, Eye blink Sensor, and RF Transceiver module.

The basic purpose of this system is to track the driver’s eye movements using Eye blink Sensor and if the driver is feeling drowsy, then the system will trigger a warning message using a loud buzzer alert.
The main purpose of this project is “Drunk driving detection”. Nowadays, many accidents are happening because of the alcohol consumption of the driver or the person who is driving the vehicle.

Thus Drunk driving is a major reason for accidents in almost all countries all over the world. Alcohol Detector in Car project is designed for the safety of the people seating inside the car.

Alcohol Detection with Vehicle Controlling project helps to control the vehicle in case the driver has consumed the alcohol. An alcohol breath analyzer project should be fitted/ installed inside the vehicle.

Arduino based Driver Drowsiness Detection & Alerting System Proteus Soon….

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