This project is a fully prevention automated temperature scanner, Face Mask, entry provider system.

It is a multipurpose system that has a wide range of applications. The system makes use of a contactless temperature scanner and a mask monitor.

The scanner is connected directly with a human barrier to bar entry if high temperature or no mask is detected.

Any person will not be provided entry without temperature and mask scan. Only person having both conditions is instantly allowed inside.
The system uses temperature sensor and camera connected with a raspberry pi system to control the entire operation.

The camera is used to scan for mask and temperature sensor for forehead temperature.
The Arduino processes the sensor inputs and decides weather the person is to be allowed.

In this case the system operates a motor to open the barrier allowing the person to enter the premises.

If a person is flagged by system for high temperature or no Mask the system glows the red light and bars the person from entry. And it allows with sanitizer spraying for Covid Safety prevention.
Auto Face Mask Temperature Scan and Entry opening System Simulation Soon…

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