Smart Helmet For Motorcycle with Accident and Alcohol Detection

Smart Helmet For Motorcycle with Accident and Alcohol Detection
Many people don’t realize that helmets prevent skull fractures, not concussions, which are brain injuries. A high technology sensor is available in the market, we used and develops a range of Shock Box Sensors to alert parents/friends or coaches that an “at-risk” hit has occurred, so concussion checks and protocols start as early as possible.

We are using GPS module to locate the position of rider on the two-wheeler with high accuracy positioning and also GSM module is used for autonomous communication to notify the position. As we see many accidents in the day to day life due to alcohol consumption so we are trying to implement alcohol sensors within the helmet.

Since too much use of the helmet internal temperature rises which is not comfortable for the rider, hence we make use of exhaust fan to maintain the temperature.

Road accidents are on the rise day by day, and in countries like India where bikes are more prevalent many people die due to carelessness caused in wearing motorcycle helmets.Even though there have been continuous awareness from the government authorities regarding helmets and seat belts a majority of the drivers do not heed them.

In order to put an end to this misery we have developed the smart helmet for motorcycle, a way to stop starting of vehicles without wearing helmet or even if the driver is boozed.

In addition, it has a great feature of detecting accidents and informs specific people via SMS with location and speed of the bike before the accident occurs with the help of GSM based tracking system, thus aiding ambulance to reach the correct location. We have implemented all the sensors within the helmet, which will send the information to the module connected with the bike engine wirelessly.

A display is provided to monitor the status.This smart bike helmet system has two modules, one on the helmet and another one on the bike. Accident sensor, helmet sensor and alcohol sensor are attached with the helmet module and GSM are connected with the module on the bike that has display to monitor status.

These two modules communicate wirelessly using RF transmitter and receiver with encoder and decoder, 8051 is used as CPU. This is one of the most advanced electronics projects for engineering students.


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