Anti Mosquito Repellent App for Android

Anti Mosquito Repellent App for Android Free Download From Play Store
Do you have an android smartphone? Do you want to know the features and abilities for your mobile for doing many operations? Then you are in the right place to know about it. Anti Mosquito application is the best anti repellent app which is available for free from play store. This app can able to stay away from the mosquitoes. This app gives many positive results and consumes a little bit of memory and battery for this operation. I am summed up with this article for tutorial and how to use it.
anti mosquito

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This application which can able to run in background. Don’t worry it consumes only a bit of battery and not disturbing the normal operation of your mobile. This app does not meant for killing the mosquitoes around us. This app generates a high frequency ultrasonic sound at different frequency like 12k, 14k, 16k, 20k, 22k which protects us from mosquitoes. This ultrasonic disturbs them and the mosquitoes do not want to come to sound generated areas, respectively you are protected from mosquitoes. The app developers says that this app able to give protection for 3500 known mosquitoes species. After enabling this app in background the screen brightness level is decreased to save the life of the battery.



  • With just a click generates high frequency sound.
  • Easy to change between the frequencies.
  • Does not hog your RAM memory.
  • Background running option is also available with this app.
  • On running background does not reduce the RAM memory or battery life.

anti repplent

  • Just a click and then protect yourself from the mosquitoes.

Anti-Mosquitoes app download from playstore. Then install this app in your android smartphone. Then made to work this app in background and protects yourself from the surroundings. If you have any doubts about this application, then leave it here in the comment box. Stay here for updates about android!

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