Adfly links are not working?-Tricks to open is a link ad programs. It allows you to shorten your website or any other file url. You can put them in your website or in facebook or twitter or any social media to earn. When a customer click your link it will takes them to other window. This window will show ads with countdown to skip it. We will get maximum of 4$-5$ dollars per thousands clicks. It also referral programs to earn money. To have approval for this ad program is very easy just give your personal details and sign up!   

            Today most of the people using this to earn money. I am also using this programs for two-three months, it give me fine earnings. I am came to know that the links are blocked in India. Some of my friends also asking me to how to open this? They followed my tricks and they it works.


Method 1 :

               First of all click the link. You will see the window like this. For example I take links

               Then type v2. before the link. Now you will get like

               Then finally you will see the links are opening. Then countdown starts after 5 seconds you will see “SKIP AD” button in the right side top corner.

That’s all you have open links. Enjoy!

Method 2: (Updated For All Time Works in India)

There also some websites online for by passing adfly links and also many other online advertising programs.

  • First go to this website
  • Then enter the URL of your adfly ad link.

adfly link convertor site

  • Then click Deadfly.
  • Now you will see the hidden link of this ad at the bottom.

In the above you have to enter the ad link, but this will provide you the direct link. This method will save your time by clicking the SKIP AD button.

If you not able to open the links by following the above tricks,just leave a comment to us!  We will give solutions for you!


Subramanian MK, currently serving as a workshop instructor at Sakthi Polytechnic College, Erode Tamil Nadu. With a career spanning 25 + years, Subramanian MK has dedicated himself to advancing knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). His passion for exploring new technologies has led to the development of numerous projects, showcasing expertise in IoT and PCB design.

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