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Best and Free Online Image Editors 2018

Photo or image editors let us change the color or size or add an extra layer etc. Looking for online photo editors? Searching for a free version photo editor website? Searching for background removal tools? Yes, there are many sites available. Here, I have listed few sites which are deserved to be the best and also free for use. Need minor enhancement to your photos, but you have to go for PS, my friend said. But I said to him that are many browser-based photo editing tools available for these works. There is no need to pay the premium for PS

Why Online editors?

Online photo editors are good ones but they are not an alternative for offline tools like photoshop etc. Not accessible to PC or don’t want to install software for small work, then you can use these kinds of tool. Also, these online tools come with built-in stickers, pic arts, trendy fonts, text effects. It will reduce the download work of designing items for your photo editing purposes. Online sites are packed with trendy items, so there is no need to search the best for it. So let’s see the top sites housed with powerful tools just for free i.e no limitation in download or pictures.

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Pixlr – Power House in Online Photo editing tool

Pixlr, this an online browser-based tool by Adobe. I think this is the best tool available out there. This comes in different types one for completely photo effects and another for a high tech image editor. Let’s see its key features briefly. Click Here


  • Separate tool available for photo effect and editor
  • In photo editor, we can create a new image or edit your desired photos. There is no limitation on the number of images to be used on this site

User Interface – Pixlr Editor

  • Speaking of photo editor, user interface consists of the menu bar, layer box, tool box and also history box. The toolbox comes with the pencil, magic wand, clone stamp, text, hand, magnifier, eraser, blur etc., The magic wand works as, like PS, it also comes with tolerance option also, so that we can easily select our desired region.

Pixlr – Toolbar

  • Specials tools like bloat, pinch, red-eye reduction, spot heal can be used to perfect your face image.
  • In layer option, we can able to change the position of layers to get our desired image as like in photoshop and also layer mask option. Also, we can merge or flatten the layer in the image.

Layer Option

  • In filter option, it is built with tons of options. Blur, noise, swirl, night vision, diffuse etc. So use can end up with good image editing experience.

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Looking for a basic image editing tool? Yes, we have the Since I started blogging, I always used this site for editing many images and for creating .gif images also. With this tool, we can resize the .gif image with losing its quality. Let me share my experience with this site. Click Here


  • This site is packed with basic photo editing like resize, crop, add text, add borders and also basic mask option available. All these options work perfectly for all kind of image formats.

.gif Image Editing Options

  • The key feature of this tool is, we can make our own gif image. For this, we have to upload all the images in sequence and click create animation then you have to provide the frame speed.
  • We can also create a text layer on .gif images which is not possible in any kind of tools. Also, we can add extra frame also to your current .gif images also.
  • This site consists of many effects like glitter or star blinking or glitter text or secondary image layer etc. In star option, we can choose the no. of stars and the blink speed, star color, loop etc.

Star Options – Control no. star and star color

  • In floaties option, we can enable live scrolling objects on our image as like in the below screenshot. Also, we can enable rain effect to our image.

Final Words

There are many other tools also available like Fotor or GIMP etc. They have some limitation like a watermark of their brand name in your image. Pixlr is the best option image editor available out there. Pixlr also comes with photo effects feature also, I will provide a separate website regarding that. Do you some better options that these? Then leave it in the below comment box, for helping other also. Suscribe us via Facebook and Email to get latest updates. Stay here for updates! Thank You.

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