Google Adds UNDO Mails Feature in Gmail:-

Communication helps us to develop friendship and more. We see communication in various forms like letter, SMS and Electronic Mail. Emails has reduced our work and also enhanced our communication in the smart way. Gmail has many features like uploading files or images and then editing the text etc,. If you sent any ugly message without your knowledge or any other harsh messages to your recipients, before the introduction of Undo you can’t do nothing for it. But now Google adds UNDO MESSAGE features for Gmail. It is a welcomed feature by every people. Let’s see about Gmail notable features,
gmail undo feature

  • You can upload images, files or other supported formats can be sent to your friends.
  • You can able to edit the text like changing colors, links, Bold or italic, underline and other common commands.
  • In theme option you can able to change theme, backgrounds,colors etc,.
  • You can also add signature in Gmail.
  • Quick links to your Spam folders, customized folders and more.
  • Able to customize your mails with just a click.
  • New tab gets you to separate emails based on social, promotions etc,.
  • Google apps like Docs integration lets you to read the attached documents.
  • External service like maps also available in Gmail.
  • Now UNDO Email option also available.

What is Undo feature in Gmail?

In Gmail, UNDO Messages is not like you think you can able to cancel the sent message at anytime. The main concept of this feature is delaying the message delivery to 10 or 20 or 30 Seconds. Within the time count down, you need to click undo in Gmail. So be aware of this.

How to Enable this feature in your Gmail Account?

  • Login to your account. Then go to settings as like in this screenshot.

new gmail feature

  • Then scroll down, you will see UNDO SEND. Tick that and set the seconds and then click Save changes.

gmail email undo

  • Now send messages usual.

gmail undo feature

  • After sending messages, you will see notification like in below screenshot.
  • Click UNDO within the limit you have selected.


  • Now new window opens to edit the cancelled message.

gmail new feature

  • That’s all.

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