Upgrade Home UPS With Solar Panel


Make your Home Ups with solar charger when the electrical power failure time. In that time your home ups battery is not only charging and also discharging during the usage of like Fan and other home appliances.
So we can add to charge the battery form solar panel ( SOLAR PANEL CONVERTS LIGHT ENERGY INTO ELECTRICAL ENERGY) it charges the battery at day time with sunlight so need not electrical energy at day.
How Solar panel Works
Simple Calculation to Solar Panel
For Example:-
In your house ups 675 watts with 100 Ah Batter or 120 Ah battery.
If the battery is 100 Ah, 100 W solar panel is needed.
The cost per watts = 70.00
100 W x 100 Rs=7,000.00
Total Rs=7,000.00

In addition a converter is need in between battery charger and solar charger To charge the battery in solar current or A/c current.
For 100 Ah Battery, a 100 watts panel is needed in need of charge or 120 w panel is good for well to quick charge the battery.

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