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 Android users proud to have many attractive applications in the play store. Starts from facebook messenger, we chat, Whatsapp etc,. There are also paid and free version applications. In the top 10 list of paid apps, swift key app gets the no.1 spot. It is most chosen by all the android users because of its prediction of the next word to be typed. This makes the chat and SMS typing very fast when compares to the in-built on-screen. This app caches all the typing words in your  SMS or chat except password and others important details typed in your phone. Then gives the word without need for typing. I can’t express my thoughts because of its awesome features and its now available for free in the playstore. Lets see about its full details and specifications about this Swiftkey app.
                 First of all starts with main menu options and more from this application. In the front menu it has the option for themes, languages, layout, sound and vibration, input methods and more information about your usage with this swiftkey app. In the themes options, there many varieties of colour keyboards are available to select to give your android smartphone a fancy look.

swifkey app

Next option is for Language settings, in this there many local and international languages choose as you desired. Now the next option is for layout , in which arrow keys, accented characters, number pad,enter key and many are available to choose. Enable it for your own choice for getting many options for easy typing. You can enable sound or vibration while you are entering a word with this key as the in-built keyboard has, this can be done in the Sound and vibration settings.

                      Now next comes the most interesting part of this keyboard app is the input options. With this app you can able to typing by Flow method and voice input method.


In the flow method just draw a path which is on the above letter which comes in the word and stop it to make a complete word. Voice input as you already know, this can be done easily using google app. So enable the option as you desired. If you enable the flow method, option for gestures will be disabled i.e slide backwards to delete a word and slide down to hide the keyword. Spacebar completion mode is also available with this application. 

heatmap apk

In the usage information tab, detailed information about efficiency, key strokes, types corrected, word flowed and many more information are available with this application. Enjoy the free version of this app, if you are an paid user then the Swiftkey team decides to give you a package of 10 premium themes.

Download Swiftkey From Playstore

Enjoy using this application in your android smartphone. Leave your comment about this application in our comment box. Share this article with all of your friends and more. Stay here for more updates about android!

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