Simulation Lab Experiments with MULTISIM

(Diploma “L” Scheme Lab Manual). SIM MANUAL  BELOW.OP-COUP
Name of the Experiment Page No.
1. Study of Simulation software using simple circuits.
2. Rectifier circuits ( Half wave, Full wave, Bridge rectifier with filters)
3. Power Supply design with regulators, LM7805, LM7812
4. Waveform generator using BC147 Transistors  ( Astable multivibrator )
5. Waveform generator using BC147 Transistors  ( Monostable Multivibrator )
6. Clipper and Clambers. (Positive edge and Negative edge)
7. Op-Amp application-I.
(Inverter amplifier, Integrated amplifier, difference amplifier)
8. Op-Amp applications-II
(Phase shift Oscillators, sine wave generator, square wave generator)
9. Instrumentation amplifiers.
10. AM Modulation and Demodulation
11. FM Modulation and Demodulation
12. ASK Modulation and Demodulation
13. FSK Modulation and Demodulation
14. PSK Modulation and Demodulation
15. Single side PCB layout Design using CAD Tool. Drawing the schematic of simple electronic circuit and design of PCB layout using CAD Tool
16. Multilayer PCB Layout design using CAD Tool.

(Diploma “L” Scheme Lab Manual)SIM MANUAL DOWNLOAD

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