All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The AICTE has its Headquarters in New Delhi and is presently housed in a building having a covered area of 12187 sq. ft. located on 7th Floor, Chanderlok Building, Janpath, New Delhi. Three Departments of the Council are housed in its own building having a covered area of 10630 sq. ft. at IV Floor, East Tower, NBCC Place, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi. The Government of India has allocated 5 acres land in the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, for constructing the administrative and other buildings of the Council.
The AICTE comprises of eight Departments, namely:

  • Administration (Admin) Bureau
  • Academic (Acad.) Bureau
  • Engineering & Technology (E&T) Bureau
  • Finance (Fin) Bureau
  • Management & Technology (M&T) Bureau
  • Planning and Co-ordination (PC) Bureau
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Bureau

Research and Institutional Development (R&D) Bureau.
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For each Bureau, Adviser is the Bureau Head who is assisted by technical officers and other supporting staff. The multi discipline technical officers and staff of the Council are on deputation or on contract from various Government Departments, University Grants Commission, academic institutions etc.
Commercial Software/Engineering/Polytechnic colleges software downloads.

Download Link: For all Engineering and Polytechnic college Students.

  • Used for Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Embedded systems, Chemical), Science (Physics, Mathematics).

2. Mathematica Maxima

  • GPL Mathematics,Engineering.

3.  Cadence pSpice ngspice:

  • BSD/Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Embedded systems)

4.  Microsoft Office Open office

  • LGPL /All branches.

5.  Microsoft Office LaTeX: https://www.latex‐

  • LPPL / All branches.

6.  Mathematica/Maple Sage:

  • GPL/Precise arithmetic, algebra, symbolic computation.

7.  Microsoft Windows GNU/Linux:

  • GPL /All branches.

8.  Turbo C GCC:

  • GPL /Engineering (Introductory Computing – all branches).

9.  Pro/E BRL-CAD:

  • BSD Engineering (CAD).

10.  MASM

11. MS OFFICE Plotting tools:

Code composer Studio, IAR Workbench:

12. VxWORKS:

13. KEIL 8051 SDCC:

  • GPL / GCC SDCC compiler for 8051 controlers.

14. synopsis-CosmosSE, Mentor-Icstudio, Cadence-Virtuoso

15. Modelsim ghdl, freehdl

16. Matlab Octave

  • GPL / Numerical Computation.

17. AutoCad KiCad:

  • GPL CAD system.

18.  FreeCad‐cad/

19. S-PlusRhttp://cran.r‐

  • GPL Statistics.

20. Operating System GNU/LINUX:

  • GPL / Operating System.

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