1. Raspberry Pi based Color identification
2. Raspberry Finger print attendance system
3. Raspberry based vegetation monitoring – Normalized Difference Vegetation index (NDVI)
4. Raspberry Pi Color Sensor with robot control
5. Raspberry Pi based braille system
5. Raspberry Pi based Sleep APNEA system
7. Raspberry Pi based Traffic Sign detection system (Camera image processing)
8. Raspberry Pi based IoT measurement and control system (DHT11, MQ2 GPS)
9. Raspberry Pi based Face Recognition security system with servo lock opener
10. Raspberry Pi based paint area blank detection and auto painting Robot Arm
11. Raspberry Pi based live Vehicle Detection and counter system (Live Camera image processing)
12. Raspberry Pi based Face Recognition Attendance system
13. Raspberry Pi based IoT home automation
14. Raspberry Pi based OCR and Speech system
15. Raspberry Pi & RFID based room identification system with voice output for blind.
16. Raspberry pi based face recognition system.
17. Hybrid Payment Security Model For E Commerce
18. Dental Caries Detection System
19. Expression Identification Using Image Processing
20. Fingerprint Authenticated Secure Android Notes

21. Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum
22. Detecting Phishing Websites Using Machine Learning
23. Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DES
24. Student Information Chatbot Project
25. Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
26. Android Attendance System
27. High Security Encryption Using AES & Visual Cryptography
28. A New Hybrid Technique For Data Encryption
29. Cooperative Housing Society Manager Project
30. Smart Cab System Using Barcode Scan
31. Warehouse Management System
32. Heart Disease Prediction Project
33. Exam Cell Automation System
34. Unique User Identification Across Multiple Social Networks
35. College Enquiry Chat Bot
36. Bikers Portal
37. Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DES
38. Sentiment Based Movie Rating System
39. Advanced Reliable Real Estate Portal
40. Web Page Builder.

41. Diagnostic Centre Client Coordination System
42. Improved Data Leakage Detection
43. Online Herbs Shopping Project
44. Sending a secure message over a network to a remote site
45. Online Diagnostic Lab Reporting System
46. Online Loan Application & Verification System
47. Multi Website Advertisement Handling System
48. Secure Data Transfer Over Internet Using Image Steganography
49. Airport Network Flight Scheduler
50. Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer
51. Public Photography Contest With Live Voting
52. Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer
53. Public Photography Contest With Live Voting
54. MLM Project
55. Three Level Password Authentication System
56. Question paper generator system
57. Hotel Management Android Project
58. Intelligent Tourist System Project
59. Android Vehicle Tracking Application
60. Software Piracy Protection Project

61. Multi Coverage Broadcast
62. Mobile Network Stability
63. Attack Source Tracing Project
64. Mobile Networks Load Balancing
65. Graphical Password Strategy
66. Android location alarm
67. College Social Networking Web Project
68. Voice Logger Software Project
69. Digital Watermarking Project
70. Improved Honeypot Project
71. Internet Border Patrol
72. Traffic Signal: Management & Control System
73. Download accelerator
74. Intelligent Chat Bot
75. E Governance project
76. Detecting Data Leaks
77. Android location alarm
78. Gps Based Human Tracking
79. Web Filtering Software
80. Lan Messenger Software Project

81. Student Examination Datacard
82. Enhanced Kmeans algorithm
83. Student Attendance System by Barcode Scan
84. Student Attendance System By Qr Scan
85. Hotel Reservation Android
86. Festival Calendar System with Business Promotion

87. Graphical Password By Image Segmentation
88. Video Surveillance Project
89. Image Mining Project
90. Smart Health Consulting Project
91. Farming Assistance Web Service
92. Corporate Dashboard Project
93. iPad Restaurant Application
94. Detecting Edges Using Image Processor
95. Mobile(location based) Advertisement System
96. Sql Injection Prevention Project

97. Smart Health consulting system
98. Wireless Data Handling And Management
99. Android Anti-Virus Application
100. Storage/Energy efficient Cloud Computing
101. Cloud computing for Rural banking
102. E-Learning Platform using Cloud Computing
1. HC-05 – Bluetooth
2. Mpu 6050 accelerometer-gyroscope- -module
3. Flame-sensor
4. Rotary-encoder
5. Force-sensor-fsr400
6. Current-sensor-acs712
7. Flex-sensor
8. IR-sensor-tcrt5000
9. Pulse-sensor-pin
10. Color-sensor-tcs230
11. SD-card-module
12. Oled-with-arduino
13. Addressable-rgb-led-strip-ws1812
14. Relay-module
15. TFT-1-8-display-st7735r
16. 8×8-dot-matrix-display-max7219
17. Smoke-sensor-mq-2
18. Ultrasonic-sensor-HC-sr04
19. PIR-motion-sensor-hc-sr501
20. Tilt-sensor-sw-520d
21. Microphone-sound-sensor
22. Reed-switch-reed-sensor
23. Rfid-reader-Em18
24. Rfid-tag
25. RTC-real-time-clock-ds1307
26. Temperature-sensor-ds18b20
27. Moisture-sensor
28. Rain-sensor
29. Pressure-sensor
30. Accelerometer
31. MOC-3021-circuit
32. DHT11-DHT22-temperature-and-humidity-sensor

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