DAC-R-2R Ladder Circuit:  It is used to convert Digital to Analog voltage. This voltage  are used in more applications, because of their increasingly efficient, reliable, and economical operation with the development of the microprocessor, data processing has become an integral part of various systems Data processing involves transfer of data to and from the microcomputer via input/output devices.
           A DAC – Here LM741 IC  circuit used as a op-amp with output amplification for R-2R ladder resistors.  In binary-weighted resistor op-amp is connected in the inverting mode, it can also be connected in the non inverting mode.  Since the number of inputs used is four, the converter is called a 4-bit binary digital converter.
R-2R Ladder Circuit :-
Ladder ckt
Calculation for R-2R Ladder Network:

  • Vo = -Rf  X 5
  • For input 1111,  Rf = R= 1KΩ

Vary the inputs A, B, C, D from the digital trainer board and note down the output at pin 6.  For logic ‘1’, 5 V is applied and for logic ‘0’, 0 V is applied. Repeat the above two steps for R – 2R ladder DAC.
R-2R Ladder Network Model Graph:

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