Optocoupler-Phototransistor IC pin Details:
Optocoupler Number:
Optocoupler-Phototransistor IC number is EL817C.
EL817C IC is a very popular optocoupler IC. The IC like any other optocoupler consists of an infrared emitting diode which is optically coupled to a phototransistor detector.

Features and Specifications of EL817C:
This section mentions some of the features and specifications of the EL817C Optocoupler.
1. Input forward current: 60 mA
2. Power Dissipation: 200 mW
3. Collector Current: 50 mA
4 Collector-Emitter Voltage: 35V
5. Emitter-Collector Voltage: 6V
6. Rise Time: 18μs
7. Fall Time: 18μs

Pin Configuration of EL817C Optocoupler/Phototransistor IC
The IC has 4 pins, the table below shows the number of pins in order, along with the description of each pin.
Pin Description:
1. Anode.
2. Cathode.
3.  Emitter.
4. Collector.

The project circuit for application of an EL817C Optocoupler/Phototransistor IC. The circuit shown in the image is a popular circuit, which uses the EL817 optocoupler IC to drive a relay.
The anode of the optocoupler is connected to the digital pin of a microcontroller unit which triggers the anode hence, providing current which then can drive a relay at an output. This circuit has multiple applications like smart switches, etc.

Applications of EL817C Optocoupler/Phototransistor IC:
1. Measuring Instruments.
2. Home appliances.
3. Telecommunication devices.
4. Programmable controllers.

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